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Cybercafe in MS-Centrum in Melsbroek starts to be very very popular. One of the most known magazines around BrusselsRandkranthave published an article about that.

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MS-kliniek in Melsbroek - 2 new volunteers from Poland. Piotrek and Ewa. Have a look at them here.



We did not update our website for a long time, but our project did not stop!! J You will see it in the completely new website! Just be patient J

If you have any questions please contact Zilvinas Gavenas



So. 12 months are almost over. On the preparation seminar, 11 months ago, Andy told that the time at the end of the project will be flying very fast. It was truth. We didn’t realise how last months were gone.


Thanks to EMSP, Christoph Thalheim, EVS, Andy Bevans, all of us volunteers and people who had joined this project, we did very good job!!! Congratulations! Using new technologies, computers, internet we made life of multiple sclerosis patients a bit easier. Internet is amazing! Using it we gave new hope for many people. They don’t have to leave home to buy bread, to go shopping, to pay for telephone. Easy to read news, listen to the radio. To write letters, diaries, articles or even books…


But what is the most important now?! Just don’t stop, continue, steel this idea from us, make your own cybercafé, involve more handicap people to the cyber life. Don’t let this marvellous idea to die…continue…continue and develop…


New Cybercafé - Breaking the Isolation website is available here. It is still not finished, but almost everything is functioning. (There are some photos from Birmingham as well! J)

We hope, that this website will help to communicate, exchange information and experience between present and future cybercafés. Just start to use it and you will see how easy it is.



One day left!!! Don’t miss your planes tomorrow J



In two days, 7th of July, we have meeting in Birmingham, England!!! Final Seminar. We are going to see all the participants of our project in one place again! Great! Many subjects to discuss, much of  experience to share.

The website of meeting place:

For participants: If you have any questions about seminar, please contact Andy Bevan.



From Melsbroek, Belgium

Last week we had very funny experience. We decided to make one free day. But we did one “mistake”. We did not tell to anybody… Just free day… After this day, we understood, how cybercafé is important to many people here. It was real panic! J CYBERCAFE IS CLOSED!!! Only one day… People started to search us. “Where is Judith and where is Zilvinas… Where are they??? I have to use internet banking, I have to write an email, I have to chat with my fiend in Spain” and so on and so on…  Some people were angry J But we were happy  inside!!!! They need us and they really need cybercafé!!!



Yep!! News again J Long time, a? So we had some changes in our cybercafé in Melsbroek, Belgium. Instead of 3 DELL computers, now we have 7 HP-Compaq. Screens are little bit smaller, but computers works a bit faster. And you can imagine, that already in the second day when we connected new PCs, they were all busy!! All the 7 computers! Now again we have new record of visits. More than 80 per week. Of course it would be much more if we would count when the same person is coming several times per day. We are very happy about that. VERY… I know that I will cry when the time will come to leave this project… That’s the way of life…


New statistics here.


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News from Daria Urbanczyk:


Hey to all!!!
Hope you are well!!!
As most of you probably know there was a bit of a problem in Malta from the begining...or better to say a lot of problems.....
Only what I managed to arrange were few groups of people from maltese MS Society that were and are still coming few times a week for sort of a lesson, better a bit than nothing;)about computers I won't write because about this you know as well...but we were managing somehow and my students were happy that they can learn so I wasn't totally depressed...
Full article in our forum.



New statistics of Cybercafe in Melsbroek, Belgium. Our cybercafe was closed in week 31 few times for our personal reasons. Week number 32 is not finished yet J. Click on the graph for much more information.




Good weather is our enemy (Melsbroek, Belgium). J It is not the joke of April the 1st. This is truth. We are loosing our popularity, because of warm and fresh air outside. Many patients are going outside to see the sun. We hope it is temporary. Normally Belgium is the country of clouds and rain. Rain, rain go away!? Maybe sun sunJJJ



We have some statistics and graphs from Leuchie House. It was made by Jolanda Natter.

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This is the statistics of cybercafé in Melsbroek, Belgium. After 27 weeks of the project. We had more than 100 different patients (!!!) visiting our cybercafé. More than 50 are coming regularly. Some of the patients starts to be addicted to cybercafé J. Why not?? When you have good computers, adaptations, fast internet and people who can help… Patients can check emails, chat with friends or family, study, type texts, find info about MS or everything they want. And this graph is from one cybercafé only! Try to imagine all together! Who wants to say that this project is not successful?!


This graph is just a little part of the statistics document